“I’ve known and worked with Kari Estrin for over 30 years and there is almost no one I know who has a more thorough knowledge and catalog of experience in the folk music world. From promoter to publisher to publicist to to tour manager to conference coordinator to strategic thinker, Kari has the long memory and the long vision. She’s assisted in connecting me and my music to the public and helped me focus my whirlwind of projects and ideas.
There is really no one like her in our world.”

John McCutcheon

Radio Promotion

“When I asked my peers who I should trust with my CD project, the name Kari Estrin was the most consistent “YES!”A warm, engaging and thoughtful person who is also a direct, highly focused professional, Kari finds ways of making your work stand out by using the core of who you are. Working tirelessly for her artists, Kari not only gets results, but also knows how to effectively help artists to focus as well. Kari Estrin is the real deal!”

Reggie Harris

Radio Promotion

“Kari has better intuition than anyone I’ve ever worked with in the music industry. She has the innate ability to cut to the chase and get to the core of things in a sincere and extremely helpful way. I wish I’d found her sooner.”

Rod Abernethy

Consulting, Production & Radio Promotion

“Kari Estrin’s deep knowledge of the folk and roots music scene was honed from years of working with many of its best practitioners. She approaches her job with energy, verve and attention to detail that’s a boon to any of the artists she serves.”

Happy Traum

“Not only does Kari deserve her reputation as the most effective radio promoter in folk and roots music, I soon learned Kari is far more than that. A nuanced strategic thinker with a holistic approach, not just to music marketing, but to every element of an artist’s work, Kari is a conceptualizer and an innovator. She’s fiercely committed to the artists she works with.
It’s my great good fortune to have Kari in my corner this past decade plus!”

Si Kahn

“Working with Kari’s creative music and business insight has moved us into new arenas these last three years. Her wisdom, character, love and belief keep moving us steadily forward, and she’s always been there with sage advise/ direction for me and the band. Kari’s expertise is broad, she wears many hats and they all fit perfectly!”

David Davis

“In putting together an uncompromising album, it’s critical to have someone like Kari who knows how to pull what’s great out of an artist and help them define their project. As a platinum-selling songwriter, producer, and A&R Executive, I put together award-winning CDs, but when it comes to being the artist, it’s hard to be objective – that’s one reason why Kari is invaluable to me as an artist!”

Wyatt Easterling

“Kari’s work is on the soul-level and her guidance is spot on, which kept revealing itself as true over several years’ time. Kari’s consultation left an indelible imprint that served me at each juncture along the way. She’s a seamstress to loose emotional threads from the past.”

Amy Loftus

“Working with Kari Estrin helps you to discover the best you have to offer and to learn to settle for nothing less. She does this not by changing you but by pushing you to go further than you’ve gone before.”

The Belle Hollows

“With the tireless work Kari and I did to A & R my “Get Together”release, I happily surprised Kari and credited her as the Executive Producer – I am grateful for her guidance on the song selection, sequencing, production, mixes and graphics.”

~LOWELL LEVINGER (Banana from The Youngbloods)~


“When Kari promoted our first record for our unknown duo she got us high on the Folk DJ Charts. But with our second release we consulted Kari to help shape the direction of the album with great results. It reached the No. 2 position. Kari’s advice, reputation, promotion and hard work was instrumental in putting us on the map.”



 “Kari’s “Career Assessment” has helped me in other areas of my life besides music. It’s an overall self-esteem booster.
And after I hired Kari to write my new bio,
even my wife saw me in a new light!”



“Kari Estrin has the experience, contacts and vision to help any artist step up their game. Kari also promoted my CD which went to No. 1 on theFolk DJ chart and for a new artist, this was invaluable! You won’t find anyone more hard working or professional.”



“Working with Kari has helped me change my life.”



“…A revelatory experience for us. Kari identified both obstacles that needed to be removed and a path for ourselves that we simply couldn’t see before. Kari provided keen insights and concrete, specific suggestions … we’re changing the trajectory of our career!”



“Working with Kari has been like finding the missing puzzle pieces in my career and artistic mission.  Her questions, critiques and encouragement have always brought me tangible
and transformative results.” 



“Kari helped me to focus on my strengths and showed me constructive ways to move ahead with specific and useful advice. Her suggestions were based on my own material and talent.”


“Kari’s broad knowledge of the music business field, her focused organizational skills and her personal warmth and generosity have made her a great asset and ally in many facets of my musical career… road managing, promoting shows, developing a CD concept, career counseling, and creative PR approaches to name a few.”


“Some of the best things that have happened since working with Kari are directly attributable to my work with her…
I treasure her partnership in my career.”


“Kari helps you get rid of the clutter to realize that, like Dorothy, you’ve worn the Ruby Slippers all along.”

~ ROBERTA GORDON (The Gordons) ~

“Kari is a unique resource in our industry, bringing a wealth of experience in music management, often seeing a way forward that isn’t apparent to the artist.”


“A vital catalyst for artists who seek new ways to bring their life’s work to the world. Kari is truly an angel of hope with the kick-butt professional edge to help get good energy flowing!”



 “Kari’s brilliant job of both promotion and marketing drove my last CD to No. 1 on the Folk DJ Charts and to No. 5 on the Roots Radio Chart for UK-based artists; culminating in the No. 6 Folk DJ Album of the Year 2010 of the Top 200. I’m really impressed with our work together!”



 “Kari embraces the eccentricity and coaxes out the essence of the art, yet at the same time, her advice is truly practical..[she] has nourished my writing in ways I could only have dreamed.”



 “In addition to being an energizing, positive force in our lives, Kari’s expert promotion helped us top the Folk DJ charts- three times!”



“Some of the best things that have happened since working with Kari are directly attributable to my work with her…
I treasure her partnership in my career.”


 “Kari’s a pleasure to work with and the results of her promotion were so much more than I could have imagined possible!  Forever thankful.”



“Everyone knows Kari as a great radio promoter, but not everyone knows that she works with artists in many areas. She helped me with my vocal approach and with my songwriting.  She will challenge you, and it will be worth it.”


“Kari knows the music business and she knows people. Her insights are clear and helpful, her ideas accessible and practical.”


“Sharp, insightful and a consummate professional, Kari works hard and goes deep. My manager 35 years ago, I still use things I learned from her today. Kari promoted my last CD, that not only got me on the charts for the first time, but to the No. 1 spot. I recommend working with Kari to any serious musician.”


“Kari helped me lay the foundation for a fruitful career, offering invaluable advice on promotion, booking, social networking, my on-line presence, and even emotional entanglements best avoided. Kari invests deeply in her clients…”


“Kari helped me to focus my writing, to look at my personal and musical history and figure out what has been holding me back. Kari’s wealth of knowledge about the music business and her honest enthusiasm gives me the courage to take my writing, performing and recording to a new level.”



“Sharp, insightful and a consummate professional, Kari works hard and goes deep. My manager 35 years ago, I still use things I learned from her today. Kari promoted my last two CDs to the No. 1 spot.

I recommend working with Kari to any serious musician.” 



“Managers…I’ve been down that road before – Kari’s way is better! Kari also promoted my last three CDs – every song got played and two reached #1.  I’d say she knows what she’s doing.”



“Kari is experienced, savvy and intelligent.
Her insights and suggestions have been invaluable.”


“After three years of strategizing and brainstorming with Kari, and with her radio promotion, I’ve accumulated two records that reached the No. 1 Album, Artist and Song of the Month, three times, and also the No. 1 Album, Artist and Song of the Year for 2010.”


“Kari continued to passionately promote my records, with the most current topping the Folk-DJ-L charts as the No. 1 Album, Artist and Song, while also successfully promoting to the EuroAmericana charts. It’s wonderful to have such a hard working professional in my corner.”


“Working with Kari I feel focused, motivated and enthusiastic—with an appreciation for the bigger picture and also knowing what to work on to achieve the results I want down the road.”


“Once in a great while you get to work with someone who has enormous integrity, vision, experience, and a mindfulness about moving gently and purposefully through the world in service to others, with passion, creativity, and inventiveness. She has been a true guide for my work and a true mirror for my vision and creativity.”


“One of Kari’s gifts is not in telling you what to do, but in knowing the questions to ask that help you realize what you need to do and how to do it. I am a far better artist for having worked with her.”


“The first time I implemented one of Kari’s suggestions, it paid for the entire consultation fee five times over. Kari Estrin offers career direction you can take to the bank.”


Radio DJs

Your name on the envelope has really come to mean a lot.
Thanks for doing such a fine job of choosing your projects.”
– RIK JAMES (KGLT, Bozeman, MT)

“Your taste in artists is impeccable!”

“You do such an awesome job for your clients!”
– LILI KUZMA (WDCB, Glen Ellyn/Chicago)

“CDs….keep ‘em coming! You have wonderful taste.”
– JON STEIN (WTBQ, Warwick, NY)

“I GREATLY appreciate the new music you send our way.
I pull a lot of songs off the releases you send!”
– DIANE RAE (KGPR, Great Falls, MT)