The Career Assessment System (CAS) uses an integrative approach in taking an artist’s career to the next level and beyond. Working with the artist, Kari establishes a clear path to achieving success, while empowering the “whole” artist. The CAS not only focuses on creating a nuts and bolts career plan based on talent, marketing plans, how to build a team and more, but on how the artist can tap into new and/or existing resources. The CAS also looks at ways to fundraise for new projects, on how to identify and eliminate obstacles and how to recognize strengths and those areas that need additional support. This is all done while also considering personal lifestyle choices and philosophies. The artist emerges from the CAS “working smarter, not harder” with a uniquely tailored business plan and step-by-step recommendations on how to achieve it. The CAS lays a firm foundation from which to build on for years to come.

What are the benefits?

Focuses and motivates the artist to actualize a career plan

Empowers the artist to make clearer decisions based on knowledge

Identifies and helps eliminate stumbling blocks to success with proven shortcuts

Creates attainable goals & timelines to help keep the artist on track

Gives an overview and ties together all aspects of the artist’s career and life so they don’t conflict


“Kari helped me to focus my writing, to look at my personal and musical history and figure out what has been holding me back. Kari’s wealth of knowledge about the music business and her honest enthusiasm gives me the courage to take my writing, performing and recording to a new level.”


“Sharp, insightful and a consummate professional, Kari works hard and goes deep. My manager 35 years ago, I still use things I learned from her today. Kari promoted my last two CDs to the No. 1 spot.

I recommend working with Kari to any serious musician.” 


 “Kari Estrin is as good as they get: perceptive, strategic, creative and fun to work with… Kari brings a sense of possibility, excitement, fresh energy and momentum to all she does…an invaluable resource…”



Who should sign up?

Individual performers, duos, small groups or bands

New or established artists who have attained their original goals and now need a new approach to their career path to keep it vital

Artists with agents, artists with managers, artists with small record labels

Record producers, coffeehouses, small labels, etc. wanting more hands-on solutions to growing and marketing their companies

Small non- or for profit organizations and groups wanting to streamline and focus on how to achieve their mission statement and goals with financial success

Anyone who would benefit from a practical, yet holistic look to achieving success and establishing positive, forward motion

Implementation of the Career Assessment System

After completing the Career Assessment System, artists have  these options of continuing with Kari on a consulting basis.

The Management Program

The Management Program includes two one-hour intensives per month, discussing topics that are established together on an ongoing basis or as they arise. The program also includes brief phone calls and emails as you need them to keep your momentum on track and moving forward with positive, well-placed energy. This program is individually tailored and may be upgraded according to your needs, providing you with hands on information and personalized strategies. Advance your career with dramatically increased efficiency and productivity.  Almost like having your own personal manager!

Hourly Intensives

In-depth exploration on a specific or a variety of subjects, such as:

Budgeting, fundraising, and marketing for new releases

Increasing revenue without additional touring

Handling interpersonal business relationships effectively

Defining and establishing image

Employing savvy booking practices and cost-cutting road trips

Working strategically with labels, managers, agents, producers, and publicists