A & R your own CD

Know the reasons you’re making the CD and identify the audience(s) you wish to reach

Convey the message you are intending in your songs (song critique/editing as part of CAS by request)

Choose the best songs and know what else will get your CD more attention

Know if your singing, instrumental work and writing are at their peak performance

Preplan your production values to fit your song selection, branding and marketing

Listen together to be sure your mixes and mastering are the best they can be

Employ your branding / marketing goals in your release strategy

“With the tireless work Kari and I did to A & R my “Get Together”release, I happily surprised Kari and credited her as the Executive Producer. I am grateful for her guidance on the song selection, sequencing, production, mixes and graphics.”

~ LOWELL LEVINGER (Banana from the Youngbloods) ~


“Kari helped me take me through the steps from my artistic vision of an album to the final product. She guided me through difficult decisions not only regarding the album but also with big life changes to move forward in my career. I am extremely grateful for her advice and encouragement!”



“Everyone knows Kari as a great radio promoter, but not everyone knows that she works with artists in many areas. She helped me with my vocal approach and with my songwriting.  She will challenge you, and it will be worth it.”