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For almost two decades Kari has earned the trust and respect of DJs and industry tastemakers around the world who know Kari only sends them the best in acoustic/roots music—whether from well-known or emerging artists. With her strategic approach to radio promotion, Kari works with the artist to create an individualized marketing plan and targeted one-sheets to maximize the CD’s impact and results.
Kari’s comprehensive work gets the artists she promotes to the top of the Folk DJ Charts, while played on numerous stations. You’ll receive weekly radio reports, and with your chart ranking, you can open doors for new opportunities and better bookings -with more seats and CD’s sold! Ask some of her clients:

John McCutcheon, Zoe Mulford, Tim Grimm, Si Kahn, Reggie Harris, Rod Abernethy, David Davis & The Warrior River Boys, Ordinary Elephant, Dave Gunning, Jonathan Edwards, Happy Traum, Joe Rollin Porter, The Levins, Caroline Cotter, Dan Weber, Ivas John, Jack Tempchin, Rob McHale, Kyle Carey, Sue Massek, Spook Handy, Lowell Levinger (Banana from the Yougbloods), Annie & Rod Capps, Geoff Bartley, Jim Photoglo, The Early Mays, Rachael Sage, and Soundtracks: Inside Llewyn Davis (2014) & American Folk (2018) …

“Managers…I’ve been down that road before – Kari’s way is better! Kari also promoted my last three CDs – every song got played and two reached #1.  I’d say she knows what she’s doing.”



Take Your CD from Conception to Promotion

with The Career Assessment System – The Management Program – Radio Promotion

  • Design specific timeline from conception to promotion for your CD
  • Construct line-item budget for all phases of recording, including graphics, reproduction and promotion
  • Explore specific fundraising techniques and options
  • Receive suggestions on song selection and sequencing
  • Incorporate feedback so your songs say what you want them to say
  • Review rough mixes and masters before reproduction

Sept 2019 Folk Dj Chart

Dave Gunning - Up Against the Sky

Number 2 Album – Sept 2019
No. 2 & No. 5 Song

Allison Lupton - Words of Love

Number 4 Album – Sept 2019
No. 2 Song

Annie & Rod Capps - When They Fall

Number 5 Album – Sept 2019
No. 1 Song

June 2019 Folk Dj Chart

Si Kahn & The Looping Brothers - It’s a Dog’s Life

Number 1 Album – June 2019

Rising Appalachia - LEYLINES

Number 2 Album – June 2019

Ordinary Elephant - Honest

Number 3 Album – June 2019